How To Order

How To Order.

Please follow the instructions below.
1. Click on See Menu & Order If you have any food allergies, please read the ingredients listed on the menu. You can click on Food Allergens Advice. to send us details of your food allergy by filling in the Special Instructions box, or call 01492 485652 for more details. 2. Click on an item that you want to order. Choose quantity then click Add to cart. 3. Click the cart button  click on Fill in your contact details (You only need to fill this in once you click save then you do not need to this again.) Click to go back to menu. 4. ORDER METHOD if you select Pick up, we do not need your address but if you select Delivery you will need to fill in your delivery address.

However, if your delivery address is out of our delivery area, the system will notify you. To avoid disappointment please check our delivery area by adding your delivery address before place an order. We may have to reject order if it is outside of our delivery zone. Sorry about this!

5. CHOOSE A TIME, if you select NOW  Please allow 20 – 35 minutes for preparing and cooking time. Choosing Later is for ordering ahead, you can select Today choose time for pick up.

6. PAYMENT METHOD, if you select Delivery there will be only 1 option of payment [Call back and take card details via phone] However for your secure payment, we will send a payment link to you via SMS. Our payment provider is izettle. Once you received our SMS to make payment please click on the link in blue colour.

After you click on the link and pop up will appear as below please click on (Browse)

7. After you clicked (Browse) you will see our Logo, with the Amount and order number (this must be correct with you order confirmation) also our business details will appear the bottom. Click [Pay by card] and filling your card details.

After we have received your payment. we will then start to process your order. Please allow 35 – 55 minutes for delivery. Thank you.

How to Add Yummy Thai Food Icon on your Home screen.

1. Open our website

2. Click on the ellipsis symbol ⋮ top right

3. From the popup menu select  Add to home screen

4. Delete the long text or type your own words.

5. After you’re happy with the name click ADD

6. Click your home button and look for our icon

7. Click on our icon and it will open up our website.

***Please play video to see the steps.